Follow along as the enchanted cottage is decorated and the dream becomes reality.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

 While Musette awaits the reconstruction 
of the darling house that Lissa & Joe sent

she has a darling hideaway cottage to live in dream in

to tuck herself away 
from all the other plastic girls in the house.
 the sweet abode was created by the uber talented Caroline
of Cinderella Moments

You can read about the creation

I have been such a huge fan of Caroline's 
for a few years.

She is a genius at creating tiny cottages
and she generously shares her process 
with ardent fans.

Even writing a little 'how to' book.
Which happens to be in my library. 

To say I stalked her blog 
is probably an understatement.

...and I dreamed of how I might create 
a lovely place
for my Musette.........

and then the gift of Lissa's house
came to be.

...........and then was broken was my heart
..and hers.

The plan of Musette's cottage 
went to the back burner
as there were certainly other matters 
to tend to.

Life is like that, right?

So while I work on getting that gorgeous house 
together again...

Musette will be able to enjoy this one room cottage
with a sweet front porch.

When the big house is ready, 
this cottage will remain
her little studio, 
a place of quiet reflection
and perhaps a place where she will create.

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