Follow along as the enchanted cottage is decorated and the dream becomes reality.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Lizelle - a sister for Musette

A new resident to Faerie Tale Cottage

Tiny birdcage and bird created by Lissa

Musette let Lizelle take the cottage bed since she is the newest arrival
in Faerie Tale cottage

and, of course, tiny Tia saw an opportunity
to snuggle right in with her.

I think she fits in nicely 
this quirky little thing.

both dolls by Lidia Snul

Monday, March 11, 2013

Click to enjoy a larger view

As the sun was setting
Musette takes a moment to spend
some time with Little Spirit
a darling gift sent by (and created by)
a beautiful memory
of the sweet bird, Spirit
that Lissa loved
and who brought about
the beginning of our friendship


and just before the last rays of light disappeared
Musette jumped on her sweet Clarabella
and rode like the wind...
chasing the Sun...
and welcoming the Moon.

click to enjoy a larger view

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

 While Musette awaits the reconstruction 
of the darling house that Lissa & Joe sent

she has a darling hideaway cottage to live in dream in

to tuck herself away 
from all the other plastic girls in the house.
 the sweet abode was created by the uber talented Caroline
of Cinderella Moments

You can read about the creation

I have been such a huge fan of Caroline's 
for a few years.

She is a genius at creating tiny cottages
and she generously shares her process 
with ardent fans.

Even writing a little 'how to' book.
Which happens to be in my library. 

To say I stalked her blog 
is probably an understatement.

...and I dreamed of how I might create 
a lovely place
for my Musette.........

and then the gift of Lissa's house
came to be.

...........and then was broken was my heart
..and hers.

The plan of Musette's cottage 
went to the back burner
as there were certainly other matters 
to tend to.

Life is like that, right?

So while I work on getting that gorgeous house 
together again...

Musette will be able to enjoy this one room cottage
with a sweet front porch.

When the big house is ready, 
this cottage will remain
her little studio, 
a place of quiet reflection
and perhaps a place where she will create.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The beautiful house for Musette
sadly arrived in pieces
UPS treated the box terribly
and it did not survive.

However, the good news
is that it broke at seams
and I will be doing my best to 
put it together again

Darling Musette has plenty of places
to hide and sleep
so she is not worried

Plus, I keep her quite busy
modeling the tiny fashions
I am commisioned to make
for her mouse sisters 
living all over the world.

This dress is the most popular design
it was my very first
and appropriately called
The Musette

It has a silk gauze skirt, silk sash, and cotton bodice.

The color here is Whisper Blue
a favorite of mine.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


There is such excitement here
and so much to catch you up on.

A darling new resident has moved in

and captured my heart

Oh yes,.........
a tiny little thing
Mouse with her pet mouse

a little girl mouse by the name of

She is a ball jointed doll
only 14cm tall
and just the most darling thing ever.

But that is not all...........

oh noooooooooooo.

After many, many, many months
of not being able to put together that blasted pile of wood

and big of magic occurred

and a dear, dear friend
so dear I cannot even describe adequately
..and her sweet husband
(from here on known as Auntie & Uncle to Musette)

decided to send Musette (and me)
a beautiful, magical, perfect cottage

all ready put together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, that first photo above

is a little peek at the enchanted

Faerie Tale Cottage

 We are beyond excited.
way beyond grateful.

and totally filled with joy. 

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Oh, dear friends..........

the dollhouse is still in pieces...

 on the same table, now covered with a sheet

and on that are various puppy grooming bits and bobs

because that darling girl pup 
Luna Bella
(also known as Luli)

takes all my free time


but it's all good, and soon enough she will be more mature

and not so needy

and I will be playing with doll houses again.

The vision grows 

and I know that Faerie Tale Cottage

will be delightful.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I have known of a Toy & Hobby shop 
about 15 miles away
in the same shopping area where I can find 
a Michaels, an Ulta,
a World Market, etc.  

I am in that area once or twice a month

I am not sure if I headed there today
to pick up hair products at Ulta 

or if my not-so-hidden agenda was to go miniature shopping.

What do YOU think????

This jumped right out at me

 "Hmmmmmmmmm, EVERYTHING?"

So I looked through it briefly and decided 
 it was a good place to start.

'cha ching'

Then next thing in my hands 
was this package of dress forms.
since one of the rooms in the cottage
will be a special faerie dress making room...
I had seem them online and the price was the same....soooooooo

'cha ching'
 I wandered through the place looking 
at all sorts of furniture and things

pretty pricey....not surprising

then I saw this
and knew I wanted to put my own touches on it....

'cha ching'
and just before I went running from this place 
that could take an entire paycheck

I found a wall of 


I could have stayed hours and looked at everyone

because now you are talking about
two obsessions in one

PAPER........and now MINIATURES.


I hear the voice of Jim Carrey:


xox Rella