Follow along as the enchanted cottage is decorated and the dream becomes reality.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I have known of a Toy & Hobby shop 
about 15 miles away
in the same shopping area where I can find 
a Michaels, an Ulta,
a World Market, etc.  

I am in that area once or twice a month

I am not sure if I headed there today
to pick up hair products at Ulta 

or if my not-so-hidden agenda was to go miniature shopping.

What do YOU think????

This jumped right out at me

 "Hmmmmmmmmm, EVERYTHING?"

So I looked through it briefly and decided 
 it was a good place to start.

'cha ching'

Then next thing in my hands 
was this package of dress forms.
since one of the rooms in the cottage
will be a special faerie dress making room...
I had seem them online and the price was the same....soooooooo

'cha ching'
 I wandered through the place looking 
at all sorts of furniture and things

pretty pricey....not surprising

then I saw this
and knew I wanted to put my own touches on it....

'cha ching'
and just before I went running from this place 
that could take an entire paycheck

I found a wall of 


I could have stayed hours and looked at everyone

because now you are talking about
two obsessions in one

PAPER........and now MINIATURES.


I hear the voice of Jim Carrey:


xox Rella


  1. Oh My! Do you need a chaperone??? I'll volunteer!

    I am loving your wallpapers, bookcase and I am drooooooling over the dress forms! Can you please get me one too? I will send you the $$$, if you happen to go back. Do not make a special trip for me.(Did they only come in black? I would like white, but I could paint it.)
    I am totally excited to see the fairy dressing room! That is so thrilling to imagine! The fairies are going to be so happy with their new home.
    I am glad you are having so much fun.
    Btw, did you even remember to get the hair products?

  2. You would be my partner in crime and not a 'good' chaperon, Terri!! But we would have fun!
    I shall e-mail you.......and yes, I did get the hair products - in a lucid moment I decided to go the Ulta FIRST and then putter around in the Hobby store.

    xox Rella

  3. You are just making me giggle with your "Cha Ching"! As I was reading this post, I had a scary thought. "Oh, cool. Dress forms. Themed rooms. That would be such a fun project!" NNNNOooooooooooo! (That was my hubby screaming). This is going to be a fun adventure and I'm glad you are going to share it with us all! Have fun! xoxo R...

  4. I have that book - you will love it!


  5. Oh my, how much fun!!! (ChaChing! LOL)you're funny. The dress forms are amazing - who would have guessed. Everything so small and perfect. One could make one's own little dream house - couldn't one. I had a bookcase very similar to the one you're showing, but mine had cabinets on the bottom. Go girl - you're on a roll! (I guess I wouldn't be a good charpeone, either)

  6. Rella! Looks like so much fun. Those dress forms are really cool! I love seeing miniature worlds being made by talented people like you! I don't have the patience.

    Love this blog background, too!

  7. Hi Rella, I just 'followed' you over here from your comment on Claudia's post. Looks like I've got in 'on the ground floor' so I can enjoy watching this project from the beginning.

    As for 'saving you' from buying minis and paper I have to tell you that if the boxes and boxes of both stashed under my bed are anything to go by there is no hope for you at all... ;)

  8. Oh how fun! A doll house! I am sure you will have a wonderful time putting it together and decorating it! Looking for ward to seeing it develope!!!