Follow along as the enchanted cottage is decorated and the dream becomes reality.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

This pretty little thing measure about 5"
and was created by Julie of Celtic Juju
a wonderful artist who also created several of the
beautiful, larger faeries that dwell here.
A few years ago, Julie began creating miniatures
and I purchased this one 'naked' to dress myself.
As you can see, she is pose-able...
I just love her and have a gossamer outfit in mind
for her made with silk chiffon and some vintage laces.
She is the first Faerie for Faerie Tale Cottage

Next is a little blue faerie that I sculpted myself,
or shall I say 'started' about six years ago.

She was one of my favorites at the time, and for some reason,
I put her aside not knowing exactly what to do with her.
Now I see she was meant to be part of the Faerie Tale Cottage faes.
She is a bit more delicate than the fae above created by Julie,
but her head is about the same size.
I must decide on her hair or if she will wear a cap of some my 'mind's eye' I believe I know what she will
look like in the end.

Now this one is a tiny bit larger. When I sculpted her (about the same
time as the blue fae) I had in mind an Ice Queen Faerie.
I even purchased a gorgeous crown for her 
(which I will show you later on)

and felt she would be totally in white. 

Now that she may dwell in
Faerie Tale Cottage 
I am not sure which way to go with her. 
But clearly both the blue fae and she 
need some arms and hands, 
don'tyou think??

Now these are tiny 1:12 bonnets that I got from another artist named
Luned. Oh, the amazing work she does!!!!
Are they not just the most beautiful little things?

I even tried the blue one on my little blue....
Isn't is darling?
Then I tried the pink one on the Celtic Juju fae
I think she loves it!!!

Tomorrow, Mr. J. will bring home a folding banquet table 
for me to set up in the living room 
behind the couch 
so that I can spread out the pieces of the cottage 
and begin the process of putting it together.

I am both apprehensive and excited at the same time.

I will begin by numbering the pieces as instructed 
on the directions

and then, perhaps, draw out my design plans 
in the moleskine

that I have dedicated to F.T. Cottage. 

Part of the fun is the
dreaming, drawing and collecting of photos and ideas
for the construction
of the house.

I would welcome and so appreciate any tips 
you might have on the whole process,
and if you would like to link blogs, 
please let me know. 

I have begun a miniature blog roll on the side....
but I know this is just a tiny
sampling of the blogs out there dedicated to miniatures.

Ahhhhh, sweet, tiny, obsession!!!

xox Rella


  1. Rella! Hi!!!! :o) awww thanks for posting a pic of her :o) and she does look like she loves that hat!!!! LOL I have a blog now too...and am following you now :o) Love your ideas!!! Hugs!

  2. Ciao quanto sono belli i capelli hai il cartamodello? sei bravissima a presto un bacio lù..